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Product Description

AT Technical Services’ most popular style of machine, these units are offered with 12″, 15″ or 20″ lapping/polishing platens, are compact enough to fit on a standard workbench, and are extremely cost effective. Even bigger machines can be supplied for larger lapping needs.

AT Technical Services is a global leader in the design and manufacture of complete lapping and polishing systems that offer the highest quality finished components, processed in the quickest cycle times, while keeping your manufacturing costs at a minimum.  With 70+ years of experience in designing state-of-the-art lapping & polishing equipment, we engineer machines that elevate both precision and performance at a reduced cost per piece.

But the machine is just one part of the puzzle….what really sets us apart from the competition is our unique ability to provide Process Development and Customer Support that is second to none. AT Technical Services’ engineers understand the processes of Fine Grinding, Lapping and Polishing and use this experience to develop processes with controlled variables so that the unpredictability and mystique are removed from the lapping process and the science of fine finishing is advanced.


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