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MiniMiser & Autostirrer

Product Description

Diamond is a premium abrasive. Economies of usage are critical, requiring dispensing accessories that maximize the effectiveness of diamond slurries while minimizing waste. Both the Hyprez Autostirrer and Minimiser have been engineered to deliver precisely controlled amounts of Hyprez diamond slurry and lubricants. These systems are designed for optimal use on all Hyprez lapping systems. The Hyprez Autostirrer keeps diamond completely dispersed during usage by stirring the slurry with a magnetic spin bar.

The EMC -2 Minimiser Electronic Dispenser, with digital readout, incorporates microprocessor based circuitry to provide consistent and repeatable performance, day in and day out. The Minimiser can be set for an interval cycle up to 999 seconds (16.65 min.) and a spray duration range of 1 to 9 seconds in increments of 1 second. Both the Hyprez Autostirrer and Minimiser can be retrofitted to all commercially available lapping machines.


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