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Monochromatic Lights

Product Description

Monochromatic Lights (FMD)

Monochromatic light sources are used for fast and accurate light inspection of lapped surface flatness.
Since the flatness tolerances achieved by our lapping systems can be in the range of just millionths of an inch, the preferred method of measuring flatness is the AT Technical Services’ monochromatic light source and an optical flat. The AT Technical Services’ FMD lamps provide several advantages over traditional monochromatic light sources:

  • Portable, durable, affordable
  • Can ship as complete unit without damage – plug in and start up
  • Green filter provides higher visibility and reduced eye fatigue compared to helium lamps
  • High contract and definition of interference bands.
  • Optical flats available upon request.
  • Available in two sixes FMD-16 (10×12”) and FMD-30 (11×17”)


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