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Polishing Stones

Product Description

Polishing stones offer a wide range of abrasives including aluminum oxide, white aluminum oxide and green silicon
carbide with a variety of grit sizes to provide the perfect finish.
AT Technical Services’ polishing stone kits offer the opportunity to try a variety of stone grits in a single stone formulation. This allows you to determine exactly which grit particle size will work best for your stoning applications.

  • Each stone kit contains either five or six stones, beginning with 150 grit or 320 grit, followed by progressively finer stones from 600 grit or 1200 grit, depending on the set content.
  • All stones contained each kit are the same dimensions, 1/8″ thick x 1/2″ wide x 6″ long.
  • We also have larger stone sizes available

STONING TIP: Most stoning applications can be greatly enhanced with the use of Engis Lubricants which prevent the stone from loading; this accelerates the finishing process. Our Hyprelube® lubricant is a great fit for many stoning applications and soaking the stones in Hyprelube will greatly improve performance and surface finish.


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