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Test Unit CT800/1000-T4

Product Description

The Ventil CT800-T4 is a skid-mounted test unit for testing and setting all common tank relief valves, like for example breather (pressure/vacuum) relief valves, emergency tank vents and vacuum breakers in the range: 2 – 20”.

The CT800-T4 universal clamping table is completed with 6 T-Groove slots and 2 different sets of hand operated clamps to even clamp the most exotic shaped valves. For achieving accurate and reliable test results, the clamping table is directly connected to a 75 litre / 2.65 ft3 test vessel. The ergonomically designed, stainless steel control panel features the controls for operating the pressure/vacuum test system, range: -500 mmWC – 7 bar / -20 InchWC – 100 PSI. (other vacuum/pressure range on request).


√ Set of 3 pcs tube flow meters, range 0.1 – 100 scfh for leak detection and measuring for testing according to the API2000.
√ Computer Registration System, for digital reading, storage of test results and printing a full size test certificate.
√ Other vacuum range.


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Category: Test units for pressure safety valves