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Test Unit MP3-SRV-FL

Product Description

The MP3-SRV-FL is a complete solution for testing all kinds of vacuum, low and high pressure relief devices, in gas and liquid service. This very complete and versatile test unit features 3 test stations;

√ Clamping and test facility for Gas service
√ Clamping and test facility for Liquid service
√ Clamping and test facility for Pressure – Vacuum service

To achieve a strong flow rate and create a significant or even full lift effect, the high pressure gas test facility is completed with a 150 liter / 5.3 cft (larger on request) PED or ASME test vessel.

The 50mm / 2″ connection line to the inlet of the clamped valve is competed with an actuator controlled ball valve which can be closed at the end of the test to save the remaining pressure in the vessel for use with the next test. The high pressure liquid test system is also completed with a large size test vessel to achieve a steady stream test effect.

The volume of the vessels results is a strong and dynamic lift effect and ‘cushioning’ when the disc reseats. Both gas and liquid 3-Claw clamping systems can apply a clamping force up to 25 tons and are suitable for the range DN15-250 mm / 1/2-10″. The universal, hand-operated clamping table in the front is specially designed and equipped for Pressure-Vacuum (breather) valves and other tank safety valves up to DN500 mm. / 20″.

Standard features

√ Auto claw clamping systems.
√ 150 liter PED or ASME VIII accumulator / test vessel.
√ Stainless steel control panel.
√ Safety screens.
√ Interlock systems preventing release of claws when test circuit is presurized.
√ Skid mounted.
√ Delivered ready for use.


√ High pressure Gas compressor station with air receivers.
√ Computer Registration System (CRS)
√ Auto test system, auto control of ramp rate to meet ASME ramp rate requirements.
√ Portable grinding / lapping machine.
√ Pressure vacuum test stand CT1000 up to 24″ or even bigger.
√ Liquid test station with J-tube design.


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